The Work of the Witch is cunning, wild, and loving, encouraging wisdom in a life lived through magick. Under stars, in circles, spirals, we dance through the gates of life and death, spinning threads of soul. Art is an expression of those threads, a spectacle of joy, mystery, and inquiry.

I walk the path of the Witch, as much as I do as a Queer human being, looking for meaning, expressing my desire to connect with wonder. There is an opportunity in every sit, with my journal, or in my digital spaces, to translate that expressed desire into something. I celebrate my otherness, that unique difference that is mine, and soulfully authentic to myself, and I am unafraid to explore new mediums, topics, or ideas, as potentates who teach us to commune deeper, and express more fully.

It is my hope that my art, my threads of soul, will aid, inspire, bring comfort or joy. Sometimes it’s clean, other times messy, and many times something in between, I work with mistake in traditional mediums, incorporating flaws, as part of the beauty, because it is all meant to be imperfectly, perfect.

I use various mediums and I’m a mostly self-taught in chalk, pen and ink, mixed-media, and collage with various materials with influences from small local teachers and friends. I have crafted works for private buyers, spirit pieces for spiritual-magickal growth, and award winning designs for such organizations as the Southern California Red Cross Blood Services where one of my pieces remains on public display today; charity events such as the Best Friends Animal Network, Children of the Night; magazines such as the White Crane Journal, and various online mediums for healing, and other interests. Current projects include writing (below) and a an ongoing exploration on Patreon where much of the work becomes art for subscribers, or commissioned work.

Additionally I have done work for various organizations such as: California Aids Ride, Santee Wine & Spirits, Bob Hertzberg Campaign, Young Stonewall Democrats, Rowan and El Dorado Lofts early sales design advertisements, SoCal Red Cross Blood Services, the Temple of Witchcraft, About.Healing.com, and even illustrated tattoos. 🙂

I have written, photographed, and made art for a Reiki 1 manual, available on Amazon.


Original illustration and photographs are now on Redbubble, under my premium artist profile.


Examples Illustrations, sigils for magickal use, available at Redbubble below. Full descriptions of use are available on Patreon.com/ScottKSmith


Capture portraits of spiritual energy for your life. Commission magickal symbols to crystalize energies into reality with a recognized artist. Have a reading drawn for you, distilling the essence of the Spirit message into an image you can frame and keep in your personal magickal spaces.

How it works

Schedule an appointment via zoom or in-person, over tea get a read and feel for your energy and direction. Scott draws from this meeting a guided message for your inquiry, direction, growth, or capture of a spiritual truth. Over the next few weeks Scott translates that message and forms the image to create your unique Spirit Portrait.

Appointment time: 60-minutes
Crafting Time: on average, 2-weeks

Unframed, hand drawn portraits in chalk or pen and ink / mixed media, on chalk, vellum, or water color paper:

  • 8X10 – $200
  • 18X25 – $400
  • Custom sizes and materials for walls, canvass available after appraisal – price varies

I do have a custom framer contact in Pasadena who does really wonderful work, and this will add to the cost and processing time. Prices and styles vary and a separate appointment is needed to fulfill the order. Please inquire below.

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