Star Stone Education LLC

Star Stone Education was founded as a business portal to provide magickal, ministerial, healing and educational experiences. Through classes, written and electronic media, in art, topical conversations, and other avenues we hope to explore the world through the lens of magick, matter, and Spirit in these time and tides.

We’re currently providing Mystery School Classes from the Temple of Witchcraft, Reiki, and other classes, as well as hosting one publication, with hopes to create future platforms and spaces for healers, readers, teachers, authors, and others in alignment with our work.

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Scott K Smith, Founder (He/They)

Scott is an instructor in various Energy Arts and Modalities practices, CMTC #40374.

He is an Ordained High Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft, and the founder of Healing Temple LA and Star and Stone Education LLC. Scott centers from the heart space and work with the mysteries of soul, star, and soil, that is who we are, what guides, where we are.

“My path is the way of a Heart Adept, one of many. I teach, create and holds spaces for contemplative and exploratory journey’s through visionary meditative methods assisting folks from across the spectrum in group or one-on-one facilitation. Scott’s personal practice pages such as consulting and healing sessions, and more please visit the services pages:

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