Readings and Consulting

I create a clear space, with training, history and practice, to access a transparency that allows for me to feel you, resonate with my stellar guidance to touch upon the well of memory, and access what could be. You provide the sounding board for the information. Together we navigate.

Combining this practice with other disciplines such as oracles, psychic, intuitive and guided ability, with your needed input shapes the consulting. We can look at your “path,” the nature of your relationships, where they are at; Viability of opportunities, locations, potential jobs or other decisions; Current energetics in any of these things; and more. Additionally I offer guidance on creative visualization, meditative approaches, and other magickal / consciousness activities to grow and develop deeper insight. We can create forecasts on life and situations.

I’m great with specific questions, soul growth and uncovering processes.


A session is a combination of consult and reading with an energy session or other healing or Magickal operation to assist you. These are custom experiences detailed for each person. Many folks choose multi-session experiences to fine tune a direction or goal, or heal over time and find clarity.

I’ve assisted others in ending career paths, and creating new directions in work, marriage, or healing long term patterns while finding new purpose.

1-3 sessions: $175 each, 4-9 sessions: $150 each.

Please contact me below to set an interview and discuss compatibility.


For booking readings please use the button below, please note it will ask for a location. Monday – Friday 11 am – 6 pm.

  1. Reading in person or virtual via ZOOM + recording only – $140 | 70-90 minutes ($100 if you are member of the Temple of Witchcraft, or a any level Patreon subscriber)

  2. If you are a Patreon Member at the Devotional level ($50), you can get a reading or healing (or gift it!) every month!

Payment by Venmo, PayPal or Zelle.

Please note, in-person session have resumed and I require a release liability “hold harmless” form for my location.

If you are a Patreon Member at the Devotional level, you can get a reading or energy-healing treatment every month!

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