Energy Healing


Usui Styled Reiki for people and animals, Holy Fire World Peace, Karuna, + Neo-Shamanic Magickal Healing Arts | CAMTC #40374


In-person and distance sessions are available.
Pre-book and pay for 10 sessions for a 10% discount.

I also work with Plant Therapy essential oils.

  • Usui Styled Reiki & Reiki HolyFire, Karuna Appointments: $125, 60 minutes a standard Reiki session of hands, holds, and healing. Some gentle rocking, and tapotement concluding the session. Hands on and/or off- 60 minutes. $80 (VIDEO)

    Usui HolyFire Reiki Appointments – Drawing on modern practice, utilizing HolyFire with Reiki. Great for healing, fast processing, clearing attachments, releasing. (VIDEO)

    Karuna Holy Fire Reiki – Appointments – In addition to the benefits of Holy Fire, Karuna draws on the Higher Planes through specific symbols and practices to affect transformation. Working with a symbol set, with higher guidance we can work on specific goals and issues. (VIDEO)
  • All-In-Reiki Session: $175, 60-90 minutes – all frequencies available, and open on your table for whatever is needed. Less formulaic and more free form healing.
  • Energy Center Tuning – $25 (add on) – Plant Therapy essential oils for work on energy centers, we can complete any session with a 20 minute 7-chakra, essential oil application and energy work. Some light energy work, but mostly balancing and oil application (will require removal of some clothing). You must indicate chakra balancing or clearing when booking so I can focus the session, prior to oil application.
  • Shamanic Healing: $333, three sessions Table and Ritual Space setting, usually accompanied by drumming music (recorded), rattle (personal tool), smoking herbs, sprays, invocations, and my personal healing Spirit Team to gather energies often traditionally referred to as medicines, for the recipient. Requires a minimum of 3 appointments: Intake, and assessment, a healing event timed to the moon/sun cycle, and a follow up integration session. Reiki’s are usually the follow up. Will require take away activities necessary to complete the healing. Some guided visualization may also be a part of the session, recommended stones, herbs, and timed activates can also be a part of the take away. No plant or animal medicines such are ingested. $100 non-refundable deposit required. No 10 session rate, as this is a multi-session therapy. Usually occurs over a 1-month period, depending on when we begin. (VIDEO)
  • Group Reiki Circles: Fee TBD on space and event. A guided Reiki meditation space for groups. Sitting, chair, or laying circle-space with guided visualization, music, and circle casting to call in a Reiki Experience. These can be for specific healing work, lunar and solar seasonally aligned events, homes, work spaces, family, friends, or groups. Spaces must provide matts, chairs, and undisturbed room for the event.
  • Hospice or in-home treatment is available for those who are looking for a me to hold healing space as someone is going through a healing crisis or transition, and able or open for services. Most folks can and do benefit from Reiki, even when in transition. Please contact me for additional details.
  • Animal Reiki: $50, 30-40 minutes $100, 1-hr. See “Animal Reiki” page.

“The Session”

1-3 sessions: $225 each, 4-9 sessions: $200 each.

A session is a combination of consult and reading with an energy session or other healing or Magickal operation to assist you. These are custom experiences detailed for each person. Many folks choose multi-session experiences to fine tune a direction or goal, or heal over time and find clarity.

I’ve assisted others in ending career paths, and creating new directions in work, marriage, or healing long term patterns while finding new purpose.

Please contact me below to set an interview and discuss compatibility.

I used Plant Therapy essential oils, hydrosols, and other products in my practice to add to your experience.

As an affiliate I’m happy to work with a company free of pyramid schemes or false claims, and focus solely on the art, beauty, and healing by accenting my work with these lovely blends.


My professional healing practice spans 29 years of what we think of as traditional Usui Reiki, with continued studies with HolyFire, Karuna, and World Peace Reiki.

My energy arts include other healing and health-care approaches that blend various practices, and sometimes elements of ceremonial and ritualized healing, herbal and stone work, massage, health education, blending with spirit work through the ministerial work I do. Each healing session is a powerful, restive, and healing piece for each person, every time. 

My Reiki practice now includes Usui Styled Reiki and Reiki Holy Fire, and Karuna Reiki (I, II, and Master), World Peace Reiki; Tibetan Healing Buddha Empowerment; Ordained High Priest in the TempleOfWitchcraft.org implementing neo-shamanic, high magick and other occult and magickal healing techniques such as Crystal and Stone therapy, Chanting, herbal and plant medicines through spirit animism, planetary healing, spirit bottles, and circles to name a few.


If you are a Patreon Member at any level for more than 3 months you get a discount on services. If you are a monthly subscriber at the Devotional level, after 1 month you can get a treatment (not a shamanic session) or reading every month!


Canopy + Table + Chair + Reiki events are available for your school, office, or organization. I can show up in the form of day treatments for staff and students, or short classes to introduce Reiki and Energy Arts with a variety of techniques, including group healing meditations.

I have created programs that work with healers in training and can work with you to tailor an event for your massage class, school, or private audience. Please inquire below on rates, timing, and to discuss shaping material for your students and colleagues.

Clients Include or Have Included: AMDA Los Angeles Campus, College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts. The National Holistic Institute (Studio City Campus). AMMA, Los Angeles. . Public Council (law and equal rights advocates). APIAT SoCal, Queer Care LA, families, spaces, and more.


My practitioners list of attuned folks in our tradition can be found here: https://starandstonellc.com/about/practitioners/


If you are interested in Reiki please fill out this form and agreement below.