With 29 years in energy arts, 13 years in massage, and over 3 decades in magick and meditation I have provided good services to those in need. I’m happy to offer healing methods, magickal education, consulting and insights online and in the SoCal area.

  • Wellness: I offer Reiki and energy healing, massage, classes, certification, in a structured-friendly space.

  • Furry friend healing: Reiki and energy therapies once again include animals!

  • Magickal Training: Mystery School classes from the Temple of Witchcraft, and other educational opportunities.

  • Consulting: through readings and session on life and directions.

  • Creative: Unique art and creative direction.

I am an Energy-Arts healer in various modalities, an Ordained High Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft, and the founder of Healing Temple LA and Star Stone Education LLC.

Upcoming Classes 2022 – 2023

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Through the Patreon portal I was able to refine my reiki, magick, and teaching practices and produce writing, art, and classes some of which are now in print.

In May I began working on a poetic magickal piece, which has exceeded the expectation of what I thought it would be, and Advocates are supporting that writing journey. As I work towards this goal your support is appreciated, but it’s not just supporting me. Through Patreon I have been able to give scholarships to classes, and create content for community and subscribers alike.

The goal of the now 4 year Patreon page is creating a fund source to rent our own center where I can feature local and national practitioners who struggle to make rents in Los Angeles, or suffer from unfair percentage cuts from local stores and spaces.

Follow my writing + get readings and meditations + cool magickal tips and spells, and become a patron!

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