Intro to HolyFire Reiki (Online)

What is HolyFire Reiki and how is it different than Usui-Styled methods? How is any connection to source different than any other, and why is that important? Join Scott K Smith as he presents HolyFire Reiki and discusses the differences in systems, and then opens the way for a HolyFire Reiki experience, The Ocean of […]

Upgrade Your Reiki with HolyFire

Hail and Welcome! Are you a Reiki II practitioner? Are you looking to take your practice to new energetic levels? HolyFire Reiki was brought through William Rand and friends at, and you are invited to participate in an upgrade class, empowering your energy work with the HolyFire Energy. This unique experience combines the experiences […]

Become a HolyFire® Reiki Master (Class)

Hail and welcome! In this online, Master class we will explore the power of Reiki at the Master Level, receive Instructions for attunement and holding the space to pass the attunements. This is not an Usui-styled training, and we do not cover the in-person training necessary for passing Usui-Styled training and attunement. This is the Usui-HolyFire® method as transmitted […]

March 2024 – Outer Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School Class in North East LA

Private (Home) Location Los Angeles, CA, United States

Hello everyone! Early registration is up for the Temple of Witchcraft, Outer Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School class, beginning in March of 2024 and ends in February of 2025. The Outer Temple of Witchcraft Class Witchcraft II involves training in the role of the priestess and priest of witchcraft. Learn all the tools you will […]

Usui + HolyFire Reiki 1: In-person (Glassell Park)

Join us for an in-person Usui-styled attunement process, and HolyFire Reiki class, here in Glassell Park, Los Angeles, CA. You will learn Reiki roots, receive attunement to the energies, and participate in a HolyFire experience to wrap the experience in healing light. This one day class is a combination of lectures, discussion, empowerment and practice. […]

In-Person, Usui HolyFire Reiki II (Glassell Park)

Continue your Reiki journey of healing and light with this second degree class that includes both the Usui-styled attunement, symbols, and an empowerment with the HolyFire Reiki through the process of the Ocean of Holy Love. In this class you will receive additional attunements, and upgrades the Reiki energy, as well as an introduction to […]

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