Funds for scholarships for students interested in training or mystery school classes, or donations towards the ongoing work (taxes, fees, and like for solo-running a small LLC, or contribute towards a savings for a future space, we’re planning for the future to provide physical places, and learning opportunities for all.

“All beings, including each one of us, enemy and friend alike, exist in patterns of mutuality, interconnectedness, co-responsibility and ultimately in unity.”
― Joan Halifax

You may not know this but there is a lot that goes into running a small business on your own, from administration, to self-promotion, advertising, and teaching (materials, lessons plans, and showing up). I give a lot to make this work well, and provide spaces for those interested in learning.

While Star Stone Education LLC is not a non-profit, this is not a tax deductible donation, which requires a whole other level of team commitment.

I do accept donations to provide scholarships to upcoming mystery school and other training programs.

I’m also trying to raise income through to create a savings that will eventually fund a space or create a pool to pay for rental fees for future classes.

Donate now

Through the PayPal donation button below you can indicate how you would like your funds to be used. Donations are anonymous, and we never share our donors names without first confirming this is ok. You can donate towards:

– Scholarships
– Funds for future spaces
– Monthly operations fees
– Or towards my work

Scott K Smith
Founder, Star Stone Education LLC

I’m based in Los Angeles and serve the local and online communities.

Ordained High Priest, Reiki master practitioner teacher, minister, writer, artist.

For more information visit About.

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