Tarot Synergy – 10/24 – 10/31 2021 | Patterns, Judgement, and Compassion

Our last Tarot Synergy is here “Patterns, Judgement, and Compassion”, wrapping up a month or more long journey with Scott and some new Tarot cards. Check out the full reading, tools and tips inside.

Tarot Synergy – 10/10 – 10/16 2021 | Please Disturb this Groove

This limited run of weekly readings ask us this week, what were we doing 6-months ago? What patterns are we creating in the world now, are they repeated karmic patterns or the newness we desire?

Tarot Synergy – 10/10 – 10/16 2021 | Discernment and Truth

The limited run Tarot Synergy continues for the week of 10/10-16/2021 and it’s a question of truth and discernment.

Tarot Synergy – 9/26 – 10/02 2021 || Management and Creative Fire

Tarot Synergies are weekly readings, available as guided for friends and clients of the Temple Los Angeles.
Most weeks these are delivered as a way to help navigate ones life mindfully, using the Tarot as a tool of attention.

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