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Reiki & Energy Arts (offered through TheSacredOther.com)

Magickal Arts (Not Enrolling until Fall)

Reiki is warm, healing, vital, powerful, intelligent, and adaptable. A vital healing energy that pours through the practitioner into anyone receiving treatment. Reiki is an energy and a tradition. I am an Usui-Styled Reiki Master, Karuna HolyFire Reiki Master, and I employ other Energy Arts, to assist others.

“Energy Arts are the practice, spirituality, and application of the natural and magickal energies of the World that are available to us, through the stylizing of tradition, and the Art of Practice that is developed over time.

My Reiki practice began with Reiki in a professional treatment setting at a gallery in 1994, where I began my treatment work. I received the Master empowerments in 2002 with the Usui Styled Reiki. In 2021 I adopted Reiki Holy Fire, and Karuna Reiki (I, II, and Master), Holy Fire World Peace Reiki; Sekhem Heka Reiki as Presented by Storm Constantine; and in most sessions I prepare myself with a Tibetan Healing Buddha Empowerment.”

For more information on my healing, and consulting services visit my practice page at: TheSacredOther.com

Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School Classes started in May, 2022. There are no current registration for new Mystery School classes at this time. For more information please visit my journal.

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