(Cancelled) November Dark Moon Reiki Event

Hello again,

This event was cancelled due to family events.

This November we move into the Reiki Moon Magick with a dark moon in Scorpio.

We will once again mediate the Universal Life Force Energy through the lens and consciousness of the Moon, to banish, release, remove, and uncover through the auspices of Scorpios deep energies.

Our previous class we journeyed up to a very special place between the Earth and Sky, and we will be returning to our experiential journeying, and touching another layer of healing the body consciousness.

When: November 12, 2023, 10 am – 11:30 pm PST.
Medium: Zoom (On camera required for event).

A lecture is given to familiarize you with the meaning and method of what we do, complete with a handout, followed by a deep guided visionary journey, in the crucible and protection of circle, to elevate us into the dark moon magick.

Dark moons are not new moons, they are a time of wisdom seeking, and removal. This one will be potent.

Blessed Be,

Scott K Smith

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