Reiki Spirit: Updated and Revised!

Earlier this year I taught and completed two programs the focused heavily on my work and writing. Teaching Reiki, I realized there were several things I wanted to change about the self-published manual, Reiki Spirit: A Reiki I Learning Manual of Healing Methods for Practitioners.

It started with the formatting, which I have changed to align more with standard books, but I found myself going through every page, chapter by chapter and reading the book aloud. Twice, no, three times! I changed a lot.

There is so much in Reiki Spirit that is different than the first publication as I originally intended the first pub to be an aid to learning, assuming a lot in the teacher and student relationship, but what I realized is the book was being read by others without Reiki training, and I need to fill in the spaces I had left blank.

So, each chapter has something new. I reduced and then expanded the page count, as formatting cut the pages down, but the new material added to it. In particular there are additions to the microcosmic orbit, such as reversing the flow, lots added to the meditations, ancestors, and communicating with the Reiki. I also completely revamped the end pieces under the chapter “Healing Aids” to open it up a little more.

I added art and symbols to the book, things from my own magickal practice, to enhance the edition, including a “learning symbol” through out the print books to aid in the reading and exploration.

Overall I explained a lot of the concepts I would have relied on a teacher to explain to the reader.

Today, A Reiki I Learning Manual of Healing Methods for Practitioners, is completely updated, and available in kindle, paperback, and hardbound versions on Amazon.

New Edition Available on Amazon in All Formats

Thank you for all of your support, purchases, and especially reviews and shares on socials, this has made a very lovely impact on getting it out there. Special thanks to the Reiki Masters who have responded with notes about referring their students to the manual, after training.

This was my first foray into self-publishing on a large scale, and I actually achieved more than I thought I would.

Blessed Be,

Scott K Smith

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