Magick: A Cleansing and Clearing Ritual Spell – Excerpt

The work of Cleansing and Clearing personal vision with a fire, and water ritual for the full moon, or autumn equinox.

When I do the work, when I clear the screen of my mind, I have a clearer picture. I see my issues for what they are, mind, and my projections of them onto the world around me; and I can start the gentle process of untangling, and eventually rethreading, and reweaving better experiences for myself.

Sure, the problems of the world are still there, but I’m no longer a tangled mess, tripping over my own threads and expecting them in, or blaming them on, the world. There’s enough already there in the world to untangle, without adding my own yarn to the sprawl.

Magick isn’t perfect, it doesn’t erase the issues, but it does give me starts, tools, creativity, light, and power to take these things that seem to have so wrapped about me and start to change what balls me up in a bind and do something about it.

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Blessed Be,

Scott K Smith

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