Hey everyone!

A few updates on the art I’ve been infatuated with making. I’ve loaded up Redbubble with new lovelies, and there is an upcoming discount on my work! Here’s some news and updates.

I’m currently working on more updated images and art, including a custom “calm” piece for a local business. I’m gifting an TCM and Acupuncture office with an image in the treatment space that will draw a patient into a calm frame of mind while on the table. Neat! This image will appear on in the next few weeks, in all the formats that they provide.

As I was getting ready to do this, Redbubble sent an email that the entire site will have a 30% discount on all times this month. August 14th to the 20th (my birthday), 2023 an on site auto generated coupon will appear for all purchases. In case you were eyeing anything.

To check out images and meaning, purchase copies the way you’d like to bring them into your life visit my shop here:

(This is where you get the discount):

For more information on my creative process, visit:

I also post a lot on Instagram, often with videos of creative process:


“Redbubble is creating the world’s largest marketplace for independent artists, bringing more creativity into the world. A great mission that also comes with great responsibility. To not only empower artists and foster self-expression, but do so in ethical, socially responsible ways. Which is where our printing partners (and all the words below) come in.

Every product on the Redbubble marketplace is printed on demand (made one at a time). That means it doesn’t exist until you order it. So we don’t have warehouses full of stuff waiting to be sold. Inspiration can’t be mass produced.

95% of the Redbubble Marketplace packages originate within the same region from which they are ordered. So when you find something that you love on the marketplace, it’s using far less energy to get to you.”

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