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Hello everyone.

This year has been really great for art and projects, as I concluded teaching classes until 2024, I’ve really settled into my creativity in new ways. When I have downtime away from my main work, I not only rest, I pursue things that I was unable to during work, in this case, art.

I’m inspired to explain each piece I have created, explain the ins and outs of the work while leaving a little mystery, and suggest ways you might integrate the art into your home, magickal space, or office. Each piece is unique, and they all have a story to tell, and mysteries to reveal because I make magickal art, these aren’t just images scrawled on a pad and printed on a shop simply for pleasure, they come seeded with energy to wed to your intentions and create a happy magickal marriage of your desire and manifestation through art.


This premier symbol represents the seed. Much like the pappus of a dandelion, it contains dozens of little seeds, colored in yellow, orange, and green, hallowed in white. While I say “She” and “Goddess” in the brief description the identity is a bit more complex. The black orb of this image contains a fusion of divine inspired forces, such as the Mother Goddess, of the force consciousness of the seed, and the thriving force to penetrate the fertile Earth in in one exaggerated spear like projectile, brining in a blending of both force and reception, to seed into the earth into one liminal being that is neither male or female, but something all magickal itself.

The face in the center is not meant to be referential to any culture or mythology, and is a common face in my art over many times throughout the decades, representing the creative soul shining like the sun inside the seed casing, waiting to burst forth. It is powerful and magick like Hera, fertile like corn, viral like Ing, and virtually weed-like a dandelion, to thrive wherever you plant it.

tōk(ə)n is also a unique worship symbol of the Divine as one being, rather than two, embodying the duality as a third-being. Two sigils in the seed casing, the black border, ensure that the energy set when you use it for your magickal purposes, is clarified and arrives with success.

It is called tōk(ə)n because it is not only a seed, it is a symbol of an offering to the spirits that support us. It is a seed, a coin, a sigil of transference to use at altar, or in magickal ways to bring success, if the magick is right aligned with you.

How to use

Art can be used anyway you like. I offer the following suggestions.

  • Stickers are an inexpensive but elegant way to add art to your life. I actually use this method with 7-day candles, affixing the sticker to the glass and writing my intention on the glass with the art to make magick.
  • Place on glass candles, wood blocks, and other surfaces you don’t mind affixing glue and paper, to adorn the space where you make magick. The image shows a computer, and I think this is really neat if you are a writer, artist, or other producer who uses their technology to create.

    Stickers range in size and price, see them here.
  • Artboard Prints allow you to move the image where you like, are less expensive than the framed or metal prints. A little print on the altar, over a place where you dance and make magick happen, or at your desk to connect through the heart and mind to the image.
  • Placing an artboard print in your meditative space, adding a pretty little bowl for offerings, and you can add intentions to the bowl to empower them.
  • I like to offer corn, coins, frankincense and myrrh as offerings to this image whenever I set an intention.

    Artboard prints are available here.
  • Framed prints are a whole other level of representing art in your life, the feature image places this over the bed at Redbubble, which I might be careful about, as it is a fertile symbol and you might get more than you bargained for in the bedroom, but then again, maybe that’s exactly what you are looking for!
  • Art prints beautify the creative spaces, add color and elegance, and preserve the art.

    Art prints and more are available here.

Designing tōk(ə)n was magick from beginning to end. I create a ritual, deep dived in vision, listened in my sacred space, and returned to translate that image into reality. I use it in my own magick and it is designed to empower through this unique third spirit energy of Goddess and God, as one being, seeding your potentials into the astral tides, to manifest your clear and empowered spells, rituals, and intent.

I hope you enjoyed this feature. I will be designing more exposes of the work, so you have a more informed perspective about what they contain in the creative process. I make art that is magick, that is art. While I love whimsy, humor, and playful things, I do the work to make something interesting, and useful.

Redbubble shop is a menu item, and can be found here:

Make magick. Make love. Make it happen.

Scott K Smith
Founder, Artist, Writer, Witch
Star Stone Education LLC

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