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Hello everyone!

Star Stone Education is pleased to announce the Redbubble Shop, featuring original artwork and photographs by Scott K Smith. This seed space of new art and images will sprout and feature many new, unique magickal offerings.

Artist Statement

The Work of the Witch is cunning, wild, and loving, encouraging wisdom in a life lived through magick. Under stars, in circles, spirals, we dance through the gates of life and death, spinning threads of soul. Art is an expression of those threads, a spectacle of joy, mystery, and inquiry.

I walk the path of the Witch, as much as I do as a Queer human being, looking for meaning, expressing my desire to connect with wonder. There is an opportunity in every sit, with my journal, or in my digital spaces, to translate that expressed desire into something. I celebrate my otherness, that unique difference that is mine, and soulfully authentic to myself, and I am unafraid to explore new mediums, topics, or ideas, as potentates who teach us to commune deeper, and express more fully.

It is my hope that my art, my threads of soul, will aid, inspire, bring comfort or joy. Sometimes it’s clean, other times messy, and many times something in between, I work with mistake in traditional mediums, incorporating flaws, as part of the beauty, because it is all meant to be imperfectly, perfect.

Redbubble offers a perfect medium for all to bring Art and magick to the world in various ways, shapes, and prices. I’m happy to join the site, and thrilled to have quickly become a premium artist in such a short time.

The featured image is called “tōk(ə)n” was purely inspired from a visionary journey in a sacred place of my own. It organically arose as a universal symbol for the Earth Mother, with features that clearly reminded me of ancient deities. It is shaped like a Dandelion’s pappus, or the blow ball of seeds that develop after the flower has matured. It is also a magickal symbol that combines several influences to inspire a combination of fertility and virility, in the round volume, and the sharp protrusion, in a verdant green field of energy. The face of tōk(ə)n is inspired by a vision of the Great Goddess, in her many forms, and so it is quadripartited to hold the colors of light (yellow and gold, sun) and life (blood as in red and ocher). Tiny seed symbols of magick to manifest, and bring success are in her breast.

Visit the Shop:

Additional art work and images include sigils for joy and pleasure, variations of the Goddess motif in sigils and digital paintings. Hearts, photos, and signs.

Forthcoming images from constellations, and additional offerings that are Reiki oriented, inspired by Usui-styled Reiki, HolyFire, Karuna, and other modalities are in the works.


These initial offerings are the pleasure I bring to you now.

Thank you for supporting the work!

Blessed Be,
Scott K Smith
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About Star Stone LLC

Star Stone Education LLC is a business platform to provide magickal, ministerial, healing and educational experiences. Through classes, written and electronic media, in art, topical conversations, and other avenues we hope to explore the world through the lens of magick, matter, and Spirit in these time and tides.

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