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Hello all.

There are some up and coming changes occurring through Patreon which will change the way we interreact on a few things, namely they are removing goals. While I like the goals initiative for the page, my personal goal was largely created and impacted by the pandemic.

Patreon is a primary source of income for me and so I’m looking for new ways to help shape my personal space through offerings to you, the subscriber, and the incentive of deep discounts. Even if you subscribe at any tier, after three months you get a good discount on my services. As I’ve been told, my work is helpful to others, especially those who need an occasional reading or healing, the initial bid in on the page offer a good discount in the long run.

Each tier has evolved, the meditation and advocates tier feed through the general month, and the two highest tiers give deeper discounts and gifts as exchanges for the work.

Patreon has saved me a few months when things were slow, especially since Trixie became sick, my monthly bill for keeping her up and going with medications and insurance, not counting food, treats, etc., is very large. I am grateful for what we have been able to provide.

Over the course of years I have made offerings here, the goal evolved, and I sought to make a space for the many readers, healers, teachers, and herbalists I know as a way to create space without a bunch of hoops and hooks in it, for folk like me to showcase their skills, talents and offerings.

While I would love to have a space, and it’s still on my vision table, the rate of rents and the opportunity to create a space out of this work hasn’t materialized. I was going to retire the goal. As much as I would like it it does not look like it will go forward anytime soon, without investment from outside sources. It would be relatively easy if I were able to get at least 6 months at the goal of $3,000 a month, I could put in deposit, rent, and flesh out a services and class space in a nearby neighborhood, but as it stands I have never met more than 20% of that goal.

The original goal was writing.

This year I did begin a training in a program around seership. I think this will both benefit the long term creative and psychic offerings I provide, and help me to set better goals in new directions.

This motivated me to return to the original goal. The new written material is coming along, which is largely shared through the Advocate and above level, but each month is shaped with a reading and writing at available at all levels. There is also the ongoing Reiki materials, and these have me hopeful for concluding some writing projects in the not to distant future. I think the Reiki I monthly emails I have been sending to students from classes in March and April, in the format of learning snippets in a pdf, can be used to expand the original manual (published on Amazon), and also help me start a Reiki II learning manual.

I’ve also been writing a new project, and the yearlong goal has been a chapter a month. The monthly writing based on the visions from the 13 days of Yule, I perform each December, is a mystery in progress. I don’t know exactly what it will be in the end, but I’m eagerly exploring it whenever I can in writing. This writing project tickles more daunting subjects like truth, soul, and now as it has evolved this month, subjects like life and death through motivating the motivating concepts of Eros and Thanatos, that drive our life.

I have not clear idea about where that writing project is going, other than it is magickally and visionary motivated, so what that will be in the end is a mystery.

That was the original goal of the Patreon, to write, and start writing professionally. Since beginning I have written weekly, sometimes daily, and published a manual. I’ve been featured in two books, in a passage I’m waiting to arrive in a witchcraft learning manual. My contribution to the Anthology, now renamed Men and the Goddess, was reprinted (available here) with a new forward. Despite the glamour of what being a writer is, it is not a fast paced punch it out craft, and a lot goes into what comes out in the end.

I appreciate your ongoing buy-in to the work, it helps, and I hope the offerings continue to provide you with food for thought, insight, or the services you need.

I have heard there will be more creative outlets coming through the Patreon pipeline, and I am not sure what they will be, but I want to be clear, I’m not running this page to make products and sell items, this is not a retail venture. I am writing, and creating art, and hope to publish more. I am working on teaching and learning materials, and add these to classes. I work out a lot on the page, it is imperfect, and as always has been intended as a cutting room where ideas are placed, often get cut into other things, maybe even fail, but are presented.

When I originally began this I had a following of more than 50 folks on the Facebook page, before they changed how you interact with the professional pages, and I was motivated by the support there to “charge for online readings and writing content.” Four folks who pledged to support, followed me over to the Patreon, but they were big supporters. Since then friends and clients have joined in. It shaped a spirit to the page, which I feed with love and desire to grow.

I expect by years end we will have three new writing pieces well on the way to editing and publishing, and I am deeply grateful for all the shares, likes, and support.

Check out the tiers, the offerings, and the writing at: Patreon.com/ScottKSmith

Benefits are:

  1. $5 a month – writing, arts, snippets. After 3-months discounts on services with AUDIO files for the reading impaired.

  2. $10 a month – same as above plus a monthly meditation or two, as audios or videos

  3. $15 in addition to the above, written chapters in PDF format

  4. $50 all of the above, and one appointment a month either reading, or healing (not shamanic)

  5. $125 all of the above, plus occasional gifts, and text/contact

I have much more to come including new classes and events, and these will be announced here, on socials, and in a few other spaces when they come.

Thank you for all your support!

Scott K Smith

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