Spotlight: Men and the Goddess

Men and the Goddess, originally published as Finding the Masculine in the Goddess Spiral, an anthology of voice and authors speaking to their rich and varied experiences with the Goddess, is revisited and renewed!

Curated by Erick DuPree, with stories from 24 voices, explore a collection of narrative experiences from Pagan and Polytheist men about how they encounter the feminine aspects of divinity, often called The Goddess.

Men And The Goddess: An Anthology Revisited is an updated edition of Finding The Masculine In Goddess’ Spiral with a new preface by acclaimed writers Mat Auryn and a foreword by Ivo Dominguez, Jr. available as a free digital download or paperback book. All revenue from books sales will be donated to the New Alexandria Library Project.


We’re highlighting this new volume because we love it, it is for the New Alexandria Library Project, and it contains a narrative by Star Stone Education founder, Scott K Smith.

Read on Kindle or grab a paperback, and explore the mysteries.


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