January 22 – Reiki I Training

Hello everyone!

This is the final week to sign up for the online Reiki 1 training! Registration closes on Thursday, as Friday is a day of preparation and Saturday morning in the main event!

I like to keep our classes small and manageable, and so limit attendance in the online and in-person events. Someone has asked me a few questions about the training, so I decided to make a small video detailing these for you.

On the day of class you and I come together in our little group and explore Reiki. Core Reiki meditations are explained and two empowerments are passed to you. One of those empowerments is through the ritual of Reiki, through the conduit of my personal Healing Temple, and the second is through the online placement practice give by Reiki.org.

There will be a lot of meditations, in the format of guided visualization, covering the basic practices, after each time to process, and at the end of the 3 hour immersion, space for questions and answers. They are:

  1. An expanded Reiki Gassho
  2. Connecting to the Teachers / Masters in the Tradition
  3. Ocean of Holy Love Experience and Placement of Attunement
  4. Concluding with the Usui-styled empowerment

The empowerments are complete but the learning is not done.

Students are asked to purchase two manuals, these provide the academic portion of the class, and they are explored in monthly lessons that follow the attunement, giving you self-paced, non-graded, homework to deepen your connection to the Reiki.

In this class Reiki is the guide. I do not cover chakras or other energy systems, reserving that training for later, and instead center on Reiki as the guide and encourage you to follow those prompts.

Reiki is a practice unto itself. We like to add Reiki to what we do, and this is an awesome part of the energy system, but it is a complete practice unto itself and does not need add-ons, which may benefit from the Reiki flow.

By the end of the self-paced work, and reading, the student will have furthered their Reiki practice by allowing the primary sensei to teach, that is the Universal Spiritual Healing flow of Reiki, and anchor it in the practices given in my book, Spirit of Reiki.

If you are a Reiki practitioner and you already have an attunement but would like to experience this as a refresher, I have a special discounted price for you for this online experience! Please let me know!

You can sign up for class on the front page of StarAndStoneLLC.com.

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You can pick up a kindle or paperback copy of my book, Reiki Spirit, on Amazon.

Blessed Be!

Scott K Smith

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