This year I plan to help others who want to make things in the world.

Star & Stone Education LLC is working with a local jeweler and craftsperson, and a budding writer. This will be made available through the webpage and social media, use of publishing accounts, and online marketplaces.

I’ve also received donations in the form of checks for prospective students and learning experiences, and I am in the process of forming a donation account, which will be made available through an application process to students in our local mystery school for financial assistance, and the broader local community: those on a theological path, and to teachers as recompense for students who cannot pay but would like to attend.

These are not currently available as I am making sure everything is properly legal and on the level for donors and recipients.

The long goal is establishing a space, where we can offer the Mystery School Classes, provide local and online offerings, specifically through our community, including residencies, space rentals, and hosting of other events. The primary funding for that was originally hoped to go through the Patreon, where I am making regular offerings through my skill sets, in exchange, but we’ve barely made it to just over 20% funding there (just about $600 of the desired $3000 a month). The work and writing offered, and at the goal reached for 6-12 months, we would then open space. If you are interested in contributing in this way please visit:


There are a lot of people who are interested in participating as teachers, presenters, and contributors to a future space for events including an herbal marketplace, a small handful of healers, readers, ritual facilitators. It’s getting to that place, while still covering my own basic needs such as rent, bills, and living expenses that is challenging.

It is a note to let you know we are slow growing, beneath the surface are good things. 🙂

Details as things progress will be made available as they come.

Blessed Be,

Scott K Smith
Founder, Star Stone Education LLC

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