2023 – Truth and Relationships (Public Post)

My public New Year post on Patreon is available in written, and audio format, for the visually impaired, or those that just like to listen to me talk.

Truth, relationships, story, love, and finding clarity during the Year of the Chariot. Find your birth number, add it up, and seek your card to meditate on.

This is not a reading for the year, but rather and unwinding of vision and an introduction to the work. It is a pin in the wheel post, it’s public to give everyone a taste of the work, and it kicks off the learning cycle, which will be zodiacally aligned this year and feature pieces that I discovered through my Spirit contact, through each of the 13 Days of Yule that I have posted on socials since the Mother’s Night. The instructions for these meditation can be found at TempleofWitchcraft.org.

The image is the header for the post, and have various images of the Chariot from decks I love. They are:

  • The Dream Dust Shamanic, by Susan Bellamy Tarot IG: @dreamdustshamanictarot

  • The Alchemical Tarot, Robert M Place (via Etsy)

  • Tarot of Light and Shadow by John Matthews and Andrea Aste, and

  • The Urban Taro, by Robin Scott

Link direct by clicking here and reading or listening!

Happy new year.

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