Gift Certificates!

Hello people of the page!

I’m offering gift certificates for you or your friends and family! A 60-90 minute session of healing or reading, we know that you get a little of both with me, valued at $140, discounted to $100! I intended to to a 23% discount for 2023, but it was so close to a cool 100, I reduced it.

Please note if you would like to buy 3 or more I am able to offer an additional discount, please contact me as I will adjust the price for you, to $90 per certificate.

Available through PayPal, or local pick up with cash / check through my company, Star Stone Education LLC. If you order through PayPal be sure to include a “To” and “From” and a small brief message; or the shipping address and I will mail them directly to you. Shipping is included.

These are printed in color on postcard stock, in black and lavender, in a plain white postcard envelope. I can mail them direct from home, and I have a digital record of all purchases should they be lost in the mail.


I can drop all items in the mail as soon as I receive your order, during normal business hours, Monday through Saturday—baring the upcoming Christmas Holiday—as certificates are received and ready to be mailed.

These are great new years gifts for yourself, your friends and family.

Thank you for all your continued patronage and support!

Blessed Be!

Scott K Smith
Services and Appointments booked at

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