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Hello everyone!

I’ve been fully engaged with students, classes and clients, and in between The Work, I’ve been doing shorts and videos, recordings and more to expand my creative spiritual horizons. I’m writing you today to fill you in on those frequencies and give you some directions to watch, listen, and learn.

Reels on Instagram (and Facebook)

I was asked to make some reels as part of a promotion on Instagram. While I am certain this was an effort for the platform to shift focus away from competitor platforms, I do not let the corporate machine dictate my aims and I decided to take the offer, and create what I wanted instead.

Reels, and in essence, videos have been a small, growing focus over the last few years through the pandemic, and I wanted to take the opportunity as a creative challenge and see how I could use it, to increase outreach through my ministries of magick, healing, and art.

I’ve created some fun reels with Trixie, some with nature and images, and recently by creating snippets from the Monthly Patreon Reading.

Reiki Videos are live and up at Vimeo and spill over onto Youtube, you can find the links in my profile as well. For Reiki students who participated in the Reiki Upgrade class to the HolyFire energy through the Reiki tradition, I’ve got a running list of audio as well.

In addition there are public Reiki shares, talks and readings that are slowly being added to the libraries. You can click the links, and kindly subscribe below.

Vimeo and Youtube

Temple of Witchcraft!

Through the month of Sagittarius I met and recorded some fun video with author, teacher, and founder of the Temple of Witchcraft, Christopher Penczak, and Sella of the Temple, and creator of Crossroads and Cauldrons Podcast.

We have some short videos containing coffee table talks on magick things, and each of us created informative shorts on Temple of Witchcraft teachings.

As you may know, I am an Ordained High Priest, Minister, and Teacher in the Temple of Witchcraft. I work in the Sagittarius Ministry as a Techer, as well as volunteer in the Aries Ministry. The Temple is a large part of all that I do, and informs my worldview with a magickal, occult, and cunning perspective.

Our first video is up on Twitter, and Facebook, but it links you to Youtube, and I’ve included that first video here, on a playlist that will slowly populate throughout the month of Sagittarius.

You can view our “more about” profiles at the Temple, via the Temple’s Ministry Page.


Lastly I have a growing SoundCloud playlist. To be fair the offerings there are mostly for Patreon subscribers, where if I have begun to include audio versions of the monthly written pieces for those with challenges to reading the written word. There are two public playlists.

Last but not least…

In an effort to improve my outreach I’ve taken up a few learning courses, completing some work in my former licenses as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator I’m completing some extra credit learning through the AMDA. While I no longer massage, the language, education, and techniques offered by the AMDA continuing learning courses are available to me and add to what I can offer you in classes and Reiki or ritual energy healing

I’ve also picked up some reflexology course work (I have yet to engage, but it is on the docket).

Lastly, and more fun for me, I’ve begun to learn ASL again. I grew up in Fremont California, and that is significant because in my childhood we lived near the California School for the Deaf. While I was never fluent in sign, I did learn to communicate because there were so many great folks in my community who communicated through ASL.

I’m happy to have invested in an ASL program, as a start, and when complete I am continuing to pursue ASL as a form of teaching, and assisting others in the Reiki, Energy, and Witchcraft, Pagan, and Occult communities.

This may take some time to develop again, but I am determined to meet my goal to connect more deeply to the communities I love.

From the Facebook group I created, BuddhaAndThay with more than 13k members.

Remember that my add on manual for your Reiki learning, Reiki Spirit is available to you as a soft back and eBook via Kindle Unlimited. Likes and reviews are super helpful!

Blessed Be my friends.

Scott K Smith
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