May updates

Hello everyone.

The first three classes I am featuring, Inner, Outer, and Shamanic Temple of Witchcraft, the Temple of Witchcraft mystery school classes have begun! These were great kick-offs and I really love the community feels in the group as we progress through the initial chapters, adjust to being in-person, while using some virtual spaces, and starting up the magick mill again.

Now that I am through the start of it I’m back to migrating websites and adjusting this webpage as a catch-all for my work. This is not a quick an easy fix, and will take time, bear with me as I begin to fill in the blanks from other spaces and modify this address to accommodate them. I am not a web designer, which isn’t just a point and click job, and so it is taking some time… but time is what I have between classes.

I’ve added some minimalistic pages for my services:

Thank you to everyone who has reached out as I’ve transitioned, purchased the new Reiki manual, or scheduled a session. I appreciate your support.


Scott K Smith

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