Reiki Spirit: A Reiki I Learning Manual of Healing Methods For Practitioners

I’m excite to announce that I have gone back to basics and rewritten my Reiki manual, now published and available on Amazon.com.

Reiki Spirit, A Reiki 1 Learning Manual of Healing Methods For Practitioners, offers material for new healers and teachers alike, to use with or after their Reiki learning and empowerment experiences.

Drawing on many years as a Reiki practitioner, Scott revisit the learning manual, introducing new concepts and takes on our standard training practice. Without reinventing the wheel, the manual covers Reiki from history, and attunement through practices. Re-centering Reiki as a practice and not just a modality, through meditative exercises that build upon each other throughout the manual.

With Reiki as the Guide, Scott pauses the exploration of chakras as a starting place of energy treatment, focusing on three bowls of the body, and approaches practice by working with others through communication, consent, and inquiry, to foster a relationship oriented approach to the healing path.

The manual ends with additional healing tools, such as salt, water, candle, and smoke, as well as introductory instructions on protection, speaking to the Spirit of Place, and some basic crystal instructions.

Available through Kindle Unlimited, and paperback and hardcover editions as well, on Amazon.com.

Marjorie L Buckingham

5.0 out of 5 stars Scott’s writing is Amazing!

I am a hands on healer with no Reiki certification. I was very interested to read about the art of Reiki to compare the teachings to my skills. This book is easy to read and understand as well. It is written for a beginner to learn about everything from different methods of practice to understanding the Ancestors and who they are. This book is about connections, to yourself as well as to the guides. I highly recommend it to anyone who is even just interested in learning about what Reiki is.

Regina S., Los Angeles

If you want to level up your connections to higher vibes, Scott is your man. Scott provides a safe and most powerful space for healing and being in touch with your guides. He is a master healer, communicator, connector, and educator. I learned of him from someone whose growth I’ve observed and admired for many years. Until then, I had only consulted angel readings, which were great, but thanks to Scott, I now know worlds more about my guides overall. He also generously teaches me about his techniques, tools, resources and lessons. I am so grateful to work with him and am happy to commit to a lifetime of learning with him.

If you are a small business owner and would like to talk about carrying my manual it is available through Amazon business at wholesale cost. I’m also available for presentations on Reiki from my experience, I’m happy to connect!

I’m working on subsequent manuals, and a magickal primer as well. Details come through on the Patreon.

Blessed be!

Scott K Smith

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