Time & Tides – A podcast with Scott K Smith and guests.

We are in a conversation around the times we live and the tides we live. It is my hope that these will be conversations with people like you and I, and whatever form of practice, religion, or spirituality that they offer, about living here today.

Hosted by Scott K Smith of Temple-LA.com with conversations from spirit folks near and far.

Welcome to Episode “0” of Time and Tides, a “teaser” of things to come, including a highlight of the artists that created the music and images for the podcast. 


Our podcast theme music was composed by Josh Benny, who has released dance and electronic music under the names J. Deluxe and Ladyluxe. It’s great stuff! I’ve heard a lot of pre-released music over the years, and I think I have everything he’s produced in my collection! I may even have original CD’s somewhere around here. The title track, transitions, and closing music is called Rise Up.

J. Deluxe Tracks are at:
Soundcloud: http://Soundcloud.com/j-deluxe-music
And on Spotify at: https://spoti.fi/3HKXh7b


The Artwork, which I framed with the title of the podcast, is by John Crotty, you can see the unedited version on our socials at insta and Facebook. John lives in Utah, and we’ve known each other since the 90’s we met in Hayward at what was then called the Lambda Youth Group, run by Ken Athey. John’s work is whimsical, fantastic, and otherworldly with a broad range. The art work is called Time and Tides and is based on walking through the changing seasons of light and dark, through the year.

John Crotty Artist
Artwork page with links to some online shops of John’s work.

Time & Tides on
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Scott K Smith (he/they)
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Time and Tides is made in North East Los Angeles, CA.

Blessed Be!


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