Scott on Bevin: A Femme Over Forty & Her Friends

Hi everyone!

Once again I’ve returned to my annual conversation with Bevin! I’m always happy to spin a thread on her podcast, Bevin: A Femme Over Forty & her Friends podcast, and conversationally talk shop.

Scott K. Smith just finished a Reiki manual that might lead you to a better more resilient version of yourself. My own path as a Reiki Master Healer has absolutely rooted me in a spiritual life path. Scott is one of my favorite people to talk about spiritual philosophy with and we discussed a prediction for the Age of Aquarius that a third of people will die, a third of people will go mad and a third of people will ascend. We talk how to navigate the mass death that’s already underway, and how we ensure we are green and growing in the new world that is unfolding.

Additional Appearances.

Episode 60. Scott K Smith Shadow Work, Darkness and Witchcraft:


Episode 14. Scott K Smith on Connecting to the Magic We All Have Inside


This current episode is also available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/h8ppYERRP74


Scott K Smith

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