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Hello everyone.

I hope when you read this, everything is going well, despite the state of the world. Here are some small updates for you, from my November and December.


December Share on my new writing platform, Substack, excerpt:

December 2021 – Story

The power of story, the importance of December, the Fool, the Priestess, and the Lover originally appears on Patreon.com/ScottKSmith and is re-shared here on Substack for readers and subscribers.

“Mythic symbols come out of that depth, not out of the personal depth. Every mythology is oriented to a historical situation; it comes out of this people, this province…And so there is that local inflection. But what is inflected are the deep energies of the total id.”

~Joseph Campbell

These tales we tell ourselves every day about our lives, events, family and friends are very powerful in that they affect our behavior and outlook. The stories we tell other people, and how we frame them, what we want to give, and how we want to appear are equally potent. We are passing something out of our inner world to those around us, something to impress, influence or impact. A sharing that will be remembered, which we will live in.

Stories are mirrors we hold up to the world to reflect what we would like to see, and how we would like to be seen. 

Consider Story with me and look at some of the Tarot for 2022 at:


Patreon: Reiki Manual + Meditation

The updated Reiki Manual 1 is in it’s final edit with friend and fellow Reiki Master Mary, and I’m already set to publish as soon as it is done. I have some original sketches of my own, and this manual is a return to my own words, work and soul.

I consider this Reiki manual the 8th iteration of my teaching manual, one of which had some small contributions by another Reiki teacher, and in this particular manual I scraped everything and started from scratch. It’s a return to the fundamentals from this modern perspective.

Cover, full unedited text, and chapter descriptions are available on Patreon, depending on where you subscribe, and most of the gassho work, mediation pieces are included in the manual.

We’re also looking at some contemplative mediation practices during December, covering the Void according to the occult, a dive into stillness techniques, and moving towards a true Void Meditation experience.

There are literally months of meditations and practices available to you, featured in a post pinned to the top of the page.

Visit the Patreon to subscribe and get all the goodies, including a break down of the 13 Days of Yule from the Temple of WItchcraft.


Life Path Readings are Available!

I have a limited number of remaining readings left for the end of your year, or as a gift to bookmark for a birthday reading. These are powerful, in-depth readings that look at the influences over the whole year.

Life Path readings are yearly spreads that look at trading energies and their influences on our lives. Peering at the year through a lens of Spirit, we get a birds eye, higher self perspective on the path through the next 365 days. 

This year our readings will be read in alignment with the solar calendar, and the 8 sabbatical magickal gates of the Wheel of the Year. Giving you a social / outer influence in the world around us, and an inner journey aspect with queues for you to consider in the m Magickal year. 

To learn more and purchase from the remaining readings, visit:


Consultations are still available in other forms, mostly through zoom.

Podcast + Youtube with Bevin!

For your listing please the podcast is available through most players, and here at Anchor.

From Bevin:

There are millions of ways to be a happy, successful adult in this world! I’m blessed with wise, funny & fascinating friends who are in their unique thrive. You’re invited to listen to some great conversations about how we stay resilient & fabulous! I’m passionate about self love and empowering other folks to love themselves. The kinder I am to myself the easier it is for me to learn, grow and stay looking a lot younger than I would if I was stressed about aging & the effects of gravity on my body. Welcome to the party!

Our awesome conversation is also available on Youtube!

Once again on Bevin’s Podcast, this time she provided video via YouTube! Join us as we discuss Reiki, the Pandemic, Grief, “prophecy” and vision.

Reiki and Healing

I’ve been busy this year, as I taught Reiki and healing, so I have also been learning. Teacher becomes a student, I studied and attuned to Reiki Holy Fire, and Karuna Reiki to the Master degree over the course of 5 months.

I also received the Medicine Buddha Healing Empowerment, joining in an empowerment ceremony with Lama Samten at the Parmitta Center, Toronto (online) to see healing from another perspective, and receive this healing energy in myself so that I can deepen my commitment to the wellbeing of those I am able to work with.

Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School Classes
– In Los Angeles

I’ve worked long and hard since 2014 when I began a significant journey with the Temple of Witchcraft, and now Ordained in the Temple and Part of the Sagittarius Ministries (2019) I am brining the current of teaching to the Los Angeles area.

This is deeply heart-centered and important to me to see the Temple teachings in LA. Many parts of what I do are directly influenced by they personal gnosis that arose from, and the teaching within the Temple tradition. I have grown with love, learned my power, and can’t wait to share the wisdom with others.

I’ve got interests lists brewing for a tentative March / April start with these classes, for those in the Los Angeles Area at my personal business site, Temple Los Angeles.


There is a lot still in the works, including some new business plans, more featured on myself and my work, teaching from the Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School, and more to come.

Stay tuned, and thank you for tuning in to my transmission.


Scott K Smith

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