Tarot Synergy – 10/24 – 10/31 2021 | Patterns, Judgement, and Compassion

In this final offering from the Tarot Synergy, I bring you a few more cards so it will be a bit longer than those I’ve given to you this month. As I like to do with these to see all sides, I look left, and right, and find a center path through the information received, and look back to see where this might be sourcing to find my offering.

This last week emphasized patterns. I personally looked at my own patterns and thought about familial and ancestral influences that might be repeating in my life and how if necessary I might adapt or change. If you have been following I have a mystical framework of life and I look at patterns, and often peer deeper to see more. This doesn’t mean everyone does, but I hope my perspective will help you to look at little deeper, consider more about yourself, relationship to self, one another, and the world.


The Queen of Swords is drawn again and reminds us of the commentary on discernment and Truth. The work of magick is often never just one and done when we working on ourselves, and our journeys of identity and idea, require affirmation and support to nurture them once we have initiated the magick through spell, ritual or meditative pursuit.

“Run my dear, From anything That may not strengthen Your precious budding wings.”
― Hafez

The Queen underpins the message of the week: Judgement and Ace of Wands. We will get to that.

Opposite these cards is the Seven of Cups, the figure reclining in the clouds draws little imaginative lines between the seven sisters. She’s just touching on the depths of her compassion, from inside the comfort of there relationships she finds herself, but beneath that is an echo from the past, 10 of Swords. It questions our focus. Are we tuned out on our dreams, escaping some current reality that might be causing disruption to our dreamy state? Are we future planning?

You may want to stop gazing at far away stars, and focus on the relationships at hand, let go of the dreamy expectations for the moment, and be with who you are; or make the practical changes or plans for changes, for your own heart. Pin the dream to top of the vision board, but fill in the steps and necessities of now.

Don’t give yourself a headache asking why something as influential as a relationship that tugging at you today, hasn’t changed, it wont.

Look at changes you can make within yourself instead. Cultivate what you can, rather than opposition to what you don’t want, dislike, or resist.

Judgement and the Ace of Wands says: Watch fire without purpose. Immature expectations, judgements right at the start of something rather than giving it time to mature. This can be hot actions, burns, quick snaps, and cavalier actions with little thought.

Reject the culturally prevalent toxicity of making things, people, and places, ‘toxic’ and instead adopt a more organic approach, hold what you disagree with contemplatively in your time and space, and give it the internal attention it needs. Rather than ignoring what we disagree with, learn to provide your full attention.

Remember that attention is compassion.

Here is where your growth is. When you encounter what you dislike, find your opportunity to take it in, breathe with it, and bring peace within yourself. The shift happens with you.

Tools: Mix and match what you have to be present, watch your judgement especially at face value, or the start of things. Give it time. Turn thoughts that excludes or demonize others into an alchemical opportunity of transformation in yourself. In your heart is an adept, beneath all you think and feel, with the right medicine for every situation. Connect with your heart of hearts.

Tip: It’s the old world mechanic to think of things in terms of good and evil, right and wrong, my tribe is special and theirs is not… That’s what keeps the cycle of problems returning. Yes people can exhibit patterns of behavior, like we all do, and the immediate thing to do could be stepping away, but the real transformation you’re looking for happens when you heal your own pattern of reaction, and instead choose to act from a place of deeper compassion.

Mind that.

How to use make the best of Tarot Synergy?

Trust what words and sources you are drawn to, listen to yourself, and be open to the light that seeks to guide you.

When I get a reading, or I am attracted to the oracles form someone else, I usually make notes and review during the week, they are pieces of a puzzle and invitations for deeper personal understanding. You may find that some of the words or information in the Tarot Synergy act as keys, connecting to other doors and unlocking magickal information for you. These might resonate with a favorite astrologer, another reader, or your own card draws. Rather than look at readings as definitive unto themselves, look at the information you are attracted to, and write out the pieces that click, or distort, and see what that brings up for you in a journal.

My attention in readings is usually to find a current of energy that is trending strongly, and follow that. I give general prompts with open space for your details to fill in the blanks. You personalize the reading for yourself, but investigating it in your own framework. If people want deep reads you are invited to connect with your oracles, inner wisdom, or preferred reader to expand on the message and help guide you through it.

Trust the lights that guide you, the body of wisdom that you are, and the consciousness that is Nature, and Earth, that is tickling your magickal awareness. The Tarot Synergy are complete, thank you for reading along. If you like what you read you can book a reading with me at TheSacredOther.com, or you can subscribe at patreon.com/ScottKSmith where there are years of back readings with timeless information, and monthly shares like this to guide you in healing, insight, and power.

Blessed Be,

Scott K Smith

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