Tarot Synergy – 9/19 – 25, 2021 ||  Fire and Change

Looking to the Left, and the Right, and asking for perspective from both to find the Middle, Wisdom Way of Magick, Mystery, and the Path. Tarot Synergy is a small offering of little posts with tools and tips to navigate. Presented on the day of the Sun, with an ask to pause, reflect, and shine what is revealed to you into your week.


Reading: September 19th – 25th, 2021

Seven of Wands – Questioning or Experiencing the strength of your efforts. What have you done, and was it enough? Was it true Strength, or a spectacle for attention? If it was attention, what did you really need? Are you fortified by your struggles, or did they manifest as conflict? Was that conflict purely ego driven by fear, or justified (however misdirected) anger that was looking for a channel or change? You’ve made your case, now own it.

The Wheel of Fortune. Dragons Red, White Dragon, what is fixed and what is volatile? Are you stirring the pot, or mixing a brew? Change is upon you, and the opportunity to apply your fire to life’s situations may need some tending. Are you stoking the need fire, adding necessary elements to feed or tend it, or tamping it down a bit if it’s burning to hot. When things become too hot your emotions can bubble over?

Peer broadly at the situations in your life, and dial in on the places where you feel the fire and change. Fire can feel like passion, anger, desire, and a will-to assert, accomplish, or shape. This flame is or could be used to warm things up that feel cold, inert or lifeless. It can also come on too hot, and bring things to a fast boil. Change is possible. The Wheel of Fortune represents that Cauldron. It is your life, and where you apply that fire the temperature rises. Make space to devote some thought to where your fire comes up, where you are placing it, or where it is burning out, and look at the changes this is creating.

Tools: Aggression, defiance, will-to-strive are forces that are in your hand, for the changes you wish to see in the world. Unresolved issues will shine through in unconscious ways, make note of anger as a flag for change. Own your power to create that change, or the consequence of where you have burned, or been burned, and adjust from that perspective.

Tip: Look at the short and long term impacts and influences your actions make this week. Look behind and around you, what is influencing and impacting your process, and decisions.

Question: How do you use your strengths with heart and mind to make cunning moves and wise changes?

For projects and/or decisions, draw a circle and name the idea in the center. Place around it words, names and descriptions you would describe as needed strengths and necessary motivators for what you want. Outside of the circle, name what is intersecting you at this time and ask yourself, are these allies looking for a way in to help me, or are they truly distractions, obstructions, or elements I do not need at this time?

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How to use make the best of Tarot Synergy?

Trust what words and sources you are drawn to, listen to yourself, and be open to the light that seeks to guid you.

When I get a reading, or I am attracted to the oracles from someone else, I usually make notes and review during the week, they are pieces of a puzzle and invitations for deeper personal understanding. You may find that some of the words or information in the Tarot Synergy act as  keys, connecting to other doors and unlocking magickal information for you. These might resonate with a favorite astrologer, another reader, or your own card draws. Rather than look at readings as definitive unto themselves, look at the information you are attracted to, and write out the pieces that click, or distort, and see what that brings up for you in a journal.

My attention in readings is usually to find a current of energy that is trending strongly, and follow that. I give general prompts with open space for your details to fill in the blanks. You personalize the reading for yourself, but investigating it in your own framework. If people want deep reads you are invited to connect with your oracles, inner wisdom, or preferred reader to expand on the message and help guide you through it.

Trust the lights that guide you, the body of wisdom that you are, and the consciousness that is Nature, and Earth, that is tickling your magickal awareness.

Blessed Be,

Scott K Smith

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