Updates + Taking a Small Break

Hello everyone.

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet. I’ve been still, trying to sit with the state of the world in relationship to myself. Trying to be non-reactive to a lot of false information, and not to be angry with people who do not take it seriously. I think it’s safe to say that I’m doing my best, and I believe that those I know are as well.

A lot of people have asked me for spiritual insight into this moment. I have conducted private readings and conversations. Right now I do not feel that there is any aid in putting out large to generalized spiritual messages. I think focusing on the practical, what needs to be done in the immediate, and being safe and following the rules are the most important things. Yes I keep my practice. Yes I am meditating every day. Yes I am sending out healing.

Yes I am taking care of myself, my family, including my furry family, and not being around any new people that I have not been with in the last week. I should say two weeks, as I have been in my own lock down a week prior to the California announcement. I follow my intuition and all these things, and I some of you know I received a message that we would have a plague like illness in the early part of last November, for this year 2020. Psychically I had some preparation. A lot of good it did me, but I was working to blunt the energy in advance. To twist the course.

Regardless, this has arrived. And here we are.

It is my experience that once something has already manifested you can’t banish it away, it’s a different sort of magic at this point, differently than if it was just an energy on the astral tides. 

I’m writing today not just to update that I will be offering more public opportunities to work with folks soon. I am primarily offering to those I am currently working with regularly, who depend on me for holding space and healing/readings. I am also sitting and waiting to see what this week will look like in Los Angeles, California, and the country. 

I am also writing to say that I’ve been contemplating what this means for me, and if there’s anything that is appropriate and relevant to share with others. Again no big sweeping spiritual messages or generalized information. I think that there is plenty of that sort of information available in the world.

What did occur to me today, after another episode which feels like things are in a tailspin, is that how I look at this it’s very important. Ram Dass famously said, “we are all just walking each other home.“ And that is largely about accepting the inevitability of death, and so understanding that our approach to death influences everything about how we live. His summation is letting go, being kind, and being present, are generally helpful to me in living life best. 

Although this philosophy has sustained me in many ways, the thing that occurs to me tonight as I sit holding these moments in my life, for me, and maybe this is reflective for you, is that I have the opportunity to reframe this time and these moment differently. I can see them, my heart flutters thinking of this, as initiatory. 

When I hold that thought, things begin to move for me. Where there was a personal sense of waiting, pausing, quietness, there suddenly feels to me a movement of Magick that I have been looking for. Life is happening, a lot is happening, a great deal is occurring that is suffering, and I have the privilege of this moment to open the door of my mind and heart to see things in a different light. When I see this as an initiatory experience, in a strange way all of my tools start to fit and I understand that there is magick here. There is a possibility for transformation, by my hand and heart, I can drop in on the wisdom, the love, and the power of the universe, and my ancestors. A sense of wanting to cling to something, maybe to a sense of self that no longer serves in this moment, is lifted. 

I am a magician, I am a witch, I transform. I become! Our power as people is idea, and love, through relationship. We change, we touch, we touch, and we change. When I choose to take the moment at face value I subscribe to the result, whatever the result will be even if there’s no one at the wheel. When I choose to frame the experience, and that’s not a fickle choice… I’m allowing myself to be open to where I am guided to be, when I allow that I create the opportunity to change.

Magick is agency to transform. It is also key to note that the part that is transformed is or includes self. 

Things may look grizzly in the next few months. They may not. I do not know. I do know that when I move into this mindset, I am in a place of greater power and I feel a sense of direction.

I hope this finds you healthy and well. I really truly do. Right now I’m holding space and wishing for the best. I keep my practice. I tend to my community. I hope those examples can help you. I hope the thought opens a door for you. I am here. I’m not ready to move back in to offering things to people just yet.

I appreciate everyone who has been supporting through Patreon, your gift is providing me livelihood at this time. I am blessed with your continued interest and generosity.


Scott K Smith

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