Reiki II 4 Month Training Program

Reiki II classes are starting very soon! We have three participants and room for up to 9-more.

You can take one or all of the classes. Each class is 3-hours, $100 and includes a complete attunement to the symbol and the loving, intelligent energy behind it; instruction on integrating into practice; an energetic-empowerment meditation in a ritual circle, and practice time to work with the lesson in a group.

We do this in a very specific way for deeper connection to the work and in the long run a more relationship-oriented model of healing with the Spirit of Reiki.

If you want the certificate of completion, a.k.a. a Reiki II certificate you must take all classes.

If you are are a Reiki I practitioner of any lineage, you can take this class. If you are a Reiki II practitioner you can take this class.

*If you are one of Scott’s reiki master students from the last 2-years, this is the course we developed over time. Your Reiki II training events are separate. I’m reserving the space for students this time around. 🙂 *If you are a previous Reiki II student who has done this before in the co-teaching programs you are welcome to join again at a discounted rate. 🙂

Reiki is an esoteric energy practice and so we combine occult, magickal principles to the teaching and direct our learning deeper to create more solid and dependable healing experiences, develop technique, and ground the experience with “know-how.”

If you are interested in taking the class please visit the Registration page to register.

Sign up at Temple-LA.com

Learn or rediscover Reiki from a new lens over the course of 4 exploratory empowerment classes. You will delve deeper into the energies, light beings, and healing practices of each of three of the symbols in the classic Reiki practice: Choku Rei, Seheki, and HSZSN; as well as a fourth and final class with lesser used symbols, and an attunement “Certificate,” which is a recognition. 

Each class will contain: 

  1. Teaching

  2. Symbol

  3. Meditation-journey to personal relationship and understanding of the symbol

  4. Related magickal-energetic practices for using the symbol in healing work

  5. Take-away exercises to deepen your practice

Over the course of more than 25 years of Reiki teaching we have noticed a surprising lack of understanding of the Reiki symbols in what they are in relationship to who we are and our Reiki practice. Partially based on Walter Lubeck and Mark Hosak’s work in Reiki found in published materials, a professional two-decades practice, and intense personal developmental classes over the last two years, Scott is presenting a new focused way to learn the 2nd Degree Reiki practice. 

Through the lens of a healing practitioner, a Witch and Priest, these classes introduce us to a deeper spiritual relationship with the light, wisdom, and power behind Reiki, and advance us practically in the profession of a Reiki healer. 

These are experiential classes, spiritual spaces where some of the teaching is directly given, and some of it is adopted through the learning process of direct spirit communication through the container of a magickal space to create a crucible of healing transformation over the space of four months.  

Ultimately these lead with Reiki, but lean into a new way of doing healing energy work and so deviate from traditional spaces with integrity of practice.


  • February 16th, 1 – 4 pm – Introduction, elements, Choku Rei Blessing and Commanding; Practice take away Instructions

  • March 22nd, 1 – 4 pm – SeheKi, the Pagoda of the Heart, the Subtle Body

  • April 19th, 1 – 4 pm, HSZSN, the Wisdom of the Healing, Distance Work

  • May 17th, 1 – 4 pm, additional symbols, teaching and Empowerment, Q&A + (Certificates given)

Total Tuition: $400 (that’s $100 for each 3-hour class). Can be paid, per class, all classes must be taken to receive certificate. Tuition required for each class, day of the class.

Class is limited to 12 participants. Certificate of completion given at the end of class if all requirements are met, by the instructor Scott K Smith. Certificates contain lineage to Usui and are not associated with Reiki org or any other organization. We are building our own methods, at a later time they may have an amendment to our healing program. 


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