“Daily Tarot Meditations.” Completing a story


At the beginning, the start of the year, I wanted to reengage my practice and share it in a way in which we could mutually sit and learn together. I started with a list of words based the Tarot, for each day of the year. If you have followed me for any great length of time you know that this is a regular practice for me, and was part of deepening my relationship with the keys of the Tarot.

I changed the daily words into Tarot Meditations, or “Daily Meditation” on Patreon for subscribers at the request of my friend and supporter. “Can you make daily meditations?”

Yes, I absolutely can.

When we began I shuffled the cards and started meditating with them. I integrated into that practice what I have developed between several techniques including, soft-belly breathing, metta, light body, and three-worlds breathing. Over time we mutually explored that process and not knowing where it would take us as I had shuffled the deck, we ended with the five of cups.

All these months later, how curious we end with holding, breathing, and feeling.

This was an incredible learning journey and helped me to formulate a deeper understanding of this kind of praxis. After meditating on the Tarot for over 20 years, it is still a pleasure of surprise how they can key-open such deep experiences, regardless of the methods or techniques, to reveal more about our intentions, practice, and soul.

If you are interested in those meditations and journeys you can sign up via Patreon. I suggest starting where we began by exploring the meditation practice as I put forward, and then with card one, start a daily practice between 10 and 25 minutes a day with the Tarot. Each meditation is unique and builds on the practice.

Signing up for $10 a month gets you access to all 76 meditations on the Tarot, in the order we did them is the most direct experience, and you can do them at your own pace.

There will be a summarized post for your journey this week, where to start the practice, where to begin the meditations, and the order in which they posted.

The possibilities for next meditations include: Playing with the Hallows, the sacred elemental tools, circle, and spirits. 🙂 Or more Metta, deeper sits. OR yes to all of that. Message for subscribers was sent, what you would like to see helps shape the experience.

Thank you for supporting through subscription, and enjoy!

Scott K Smith
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