March Meditation Program

Hello all!

Beginning in March my meditation program will begin again in earnest. This is part of a subscription package and allows you to get daily meditations, short and spiritual, delivered to your in-box (or available on the subscription page) to begin or develop your existing practice.

Daily Meditation

Daily meditations are modern, earth-based, easy practices that allow us to breath in inquiry through the use of words or “vibrational statements.” When we resonate these words, drawn from the oracles, and guided with spiritual principles of love, light, life, spiritual law, and liberation, we expand consciously through daily engagement.

Through this easy practice that engages our breath, body, and minds we can develop a natural meditation practice. There are many benefits to meditation, I see us expanding our horizons, increasing our awareness, lowering our blood pressure –wink– and becoming more conscious, and loving beings.

Starting March 1st

Every Morning at your virtual doorstep
$10 a month

In addition you will receive…

  1. Weekly Readings – As part of the Patreon family you will also receive weekly stories + reflections through the Tarot. Some call these readings. I would agree.

  2. Ability to participate in the monthly class on Runes (as oracles) with exercises you can practice, and pieces you can contribute.

  3. Snippets of writing and artwork, with the potential for a completed (digital version) of the work when done

And as they say, “more.”

Subscribe here, try a month, learn or expand on your meditation practice, and help me, help you, as I develop new ways to engage ourselves and the world with love, wisdom, and consciously aligned will.

Subscribe via Patreon at the Praxis – Meditation level or Beyond to Begin

Details about what you will need (breath, journal, make a commitment of 10-15 minutes a day) and more will be posted later in the month.

Much love,

Scott K Smith
Practice | Magick

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