New Year 2019 Updates: Patreon, Power and Love, Paying it Forward, and More

At Patreon

While I’m continuing to post on Facebook, updates and such, I am also continuing to move further away from Facebook. As it has been really supported on Patreon, I’m continuing to post the created content, exclusively, there. This has been extremely enriching and the quality of posts, material, and engagement has become intimate. It’s less about likes and aggregated content, and more about connecting via patreon.

Starting in January there will continue to be weekly readings and meditations for the base participation; new classes on Runes; and for advocate and student levels new classes. Higher patron tiers, of which there are a few participants will continue to receive discounted services and sessions, monthly gifts, and all I hope, deeper friendship.

Power and Love

Starting January there will be a journal piece for all levels of participants that is focused on Power and Love. It is going to be a detailed, looking like votes as of now are adding up to, weekly posts on Gratitude, Perfect Love and Trust, and Power. Weekly prompts for your own journals, in addition to everything else.

Lastly, I started this because I was encouraged to shift from giving it all away, to writing with purpose and stepping into that space of being full-time about it. I’ve received the blessing and privilege of great support and in turn you can share in that by receiving the finished books and projects when published.

Paying it Forward through Patreon

There are other ways to participate as well. At the Student Level you can learn with me, the basic lessons I’m teaching in class throughout the year, and are encouraged to self-study them. If you want you can even donate the $30 you spend at that level to someone local who may not have the funds to take a class, in essence creating a monthly scholarship potential for someone.

Reiki and Reading Rates

The Gratitude discount I proposed this last November and carry through into the start of January will continue. I struggle between clients who have the capacity to easily pay my rate, and those that struggle to. As a healer this is a conundrum in getting passed spiritual practice that is compromised by capitalism, but still operates because this is what I do, what I have schooled for decades, what I have given my blood, sweat, and joy for as my vocation.

I will offer 4 sessions a month, they will be bookable through me directly, at the Gratitude Rate next year. One session a week at the discounted cost. That’s 52 Reiki sessions or Readings here at Home Studio.

Newsletter is coming out in the New Year, 2019.

Stay tuned,

Scott K Smith
Practice | Magick

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