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Hello my friends!

Here are some small notes on big updates in the coming year. There will be a piece in the new years newsletter about this but some things are changing.


All Reiki classes are going to shift to Magickal Reiki and Energy Arts Classes. I am merging my magickal practice with Reiki and so classes will now reflect that. It’s been on the mind so much but now it’s in the heart and that’s the way it goes. The primary learning path will be dedicated practice, focused, method-method-method, and mixing that with skills as we progress such as use of magickal tools, physiology, and sigils, Spirits, and Gods/Goddesses.

REIKI as a practice will be taught and married to magickal practice, ritual healing methods, and so much more.


I have started an apprentice program (not yet public, available next year) based on this. I have been approached three times in the last year, and third time is a charm. A very lovely healer who is already involved in community healing at many local spaces all over Los Angeles and Southern California has opened my eyes through their value of my work, and we are in an apprenticeship agreement. This is helping me shape what this will ultimately look like. I will offer year-long programs, with work-study opportunity, into into some of my client works, and introduction to a large part of my private practice of spirits, ceremony, body work, energy arts, and more.

So far this has been truly lovely. I will announce the new apprentice once we have spoken about it, expect to see her at some of my events.


As part of my practice I have opened up to doTERRA and I am offering safe use of essential oils in practice, body work, energy work, and uses in my apothecary products. Link in the navigation bar. More on that in the newsletter. There will be no hard sells, but priority training will be to those who sign up through the program, through me, first.

I also have a potential student in this who will be crafting products out of these oils, from occult vein, for the Temple Los Angeles, and other magickal uses. This is part of a bigger vision, and will appear in the Temple LA store, and at future pop-ups.

Become a Member here, and let’s start a discussion about integrating them into your life without the pseudoscience and from an informed healing and magick perspective.

If you have any questions, as always, please contact me.


I am personally so close to completing the ministerial training in the Temple of Witchcraft I can taste it! I integrate a lot of that training into the ministerial services and magickal community building at Temple LA. There is lots more to come there, but look for some of our first official classes next year in the Temple of Witchcraft, retreats, camping, and other events.

We also have lovely wands for sale by one of our community members and dear dear friends in the store, expect many, more creations by those who come and participate with us, those we love and support to populate that space.

Lots in the making.


This year I was encouraged by clients and friends, established writers in the magickal publishing world, and film industry, to take my writing out of blogs and into books. I have done this.

I am almost 1/2 way through a writing process with a magickal book on PRACTICE and DEVOTION. These are two key pieces in my work and I’m spelling out all of the basics of how-to. For those who have supported me anywhere from the $5-$125 tier levels have been thanked with weekly meditations, readings, lunar based classes, monthly check in’s, magickal gifts, personalized readings and healings, and more.

I created a really fantastic program with many levels of participation that have been promoted by some amazing friends this year.

We’re starting a class on RUNES, based on the meditation and energy work practices of the book, that we have been exploring on the Patreon page in January, we already have 11 participants, and plenty of room.

Course participants will receive the weekly readings and meditations, as well as the rune classes, chats, and suggested activities such as art, toning, spell, and field trips.

Combining techniques from multiple traditions and pathways, Scott has devised a feel+experience=know technique alongside more classic classroom styles, in an informal setting. 

  • Learn the runes as close as we can tell what their classic uses are, and explore various authors points of view on it. 

  • Explore the runes as gateways

  • Journey into mythic landscapes to meet these powers in a ritual setting

  • Combine ritual and meditation+energy work processes in those journeys

  • Make art

  • Have class online (Google Chat)

  • Participate in monthly-ish field trips or take away exercises (if you are a distance learner or “away” while class is in session) to play with the runes and any other form of art. 

  • Have access to the whole program at any time on Patreon, so you can join in whenever you like (but will need to be signed up for the whole span of the course to receive all the lessons) for $5 a month or more. 

Sign up for that Experience by January 5th, our first official virtual class day here:


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