Announcing Patreon Page

I’m excited to announce the publicizing of some writing projects, on Patreon. I’ve created 8 tiers of participation, from the casual supporter getting sneak peaks and snippets, to an Advocate level and beyond.

Walk with me as I cast cards and muse, send out weekly mediations, and carry you through devotional practices, connecting with Spirit Guides, and the evolution of my Reiki practice at Patreon!

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Weaving Magick and Community


Week one begins on May 7th with a contemplative Tarot casing and meditative content. Throughout the week quotes, photos, and questions will arise. Join in, be a part of weaving these magickal stories as I tie a hearts relish to word, and thread a space for inclusive delves into the mysteries of Magick, Spirit, Devotion, and life. 

Thank you,

Scott K Smith
Practice | Magick + Divinity | Patreon

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