Expanding Spaces


I’m looking to expand and provide services in the area to health, wellness, and rehabilitation centers in the NELA and East LA area. I am skilled, trained, licensed and insured with Massage (MFT and Deep Tissue) and Reiki as a health care practice. 

A little about me. 

I am touch therapist with 24 years of experience working in hospitals, bedside, homes and healing spaces with Reiki. My Reiki teachers were the women who opened and ran the Free Clinic in San Francisco in the 80’s, established a Reiki practice as an outpatient option with Kaiser Oakland, and St. Luke’s Hospital in San Francisco (1996). I have been practicing Reiki since 1994. In combination with Reiki my focus has been on mindfulness, sacred, safe touch, and contemplative practices such as meditation, ritual as recognized by the Center for Contemplative Practices, and compassionate presence through holding space. 

I am also a trained massage therapist. A member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMDA), licensed with the State of California through the California Massage Therapy Council (CMTC), and insured. I trained with the staff and teachers at the Studio City branch of the National  Holistic Institute, where I will also soon be teaching Reiki! 

Among the many spaces I have provided professional therapeutic massage and Reiki services:

  • Hundreds of private clients in home, hospital, and studio visits
  • Chiropractic Wellness Center, Studio City
  • Staff and Student wellness support for American Music and Dramatic Academy
  • AMMA (the Hugging Saint) staff massage
  • Public Council (nations largest probono law firm) massage and Reiki
  • Teaching Reiki since 2002, and in collaboration with Blue Jaguar Healing Arts since 2015
  • and more such as meditation classes and instruction at such places as APAIT, QUEER CARE LA, The Crystal Matrix, Green Man Store, Mostly Angels, Lightness LA, and hosting private spaces in homes and offices across the southland
  • I am looking for collaborative spaces…

Techniques and…

Deep Tissue, MFT, Reiki, Movement + Stretching, Guided Meditation, Safe Space practices, Gender Fluid and Trans Bodies, POC friendly, LGBTQIA affirmative. 

I have worked in safe touch for trauma, cancer, HIV/AIDS, surgery post and preoperative, elderly, and even dogs, cats, horses, and small critters. 

We are neighbors and I would like to learn more about your business, and the potential for working together. Holistic health services and practitioners thrive when we create a support network based on the holistic therapies and principles we practice and espouse. Our ultimate goal is healthy, thriving, people. I encourage, promote, and cultivate abundant community consciousness versus scarcity. I would love to learn more, share, practice, and heal more in the area, potentially with you. 

I am NOT interested in “renting rooms” or spaces. 
I am NOT interested in Sooth.

I AM interested in cooperative environments, percentage splits, and cross-promoting clients. 

Please let me know who I can speak with about therapies and the possibility of growing together. My vision is a space where I can weekly, or even monthly arrive and help to heal. 

Thank you,

Scott K Smith

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